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Who Are Bentsai?

Bentsai is a global brand in manufacturing and selling portable and industrial inkjet printers worldwide to meet the labeling and marking needs for various indusries such as manufacturing, food and beverage, logistic, warehousing, wood processiong, healthcare, agriculture, mining and more.

Root in Zhuhai, China, Bentsai has carved a niche in the global inkjet printing industry with its innovative handheld and inline printers. We have distributors in over 100+ countries and if you're looking to enter the handheld printing business, welcome to join our journey because we offer the most quality and top-notch machines. 

We will show you our strengths and product lines, along with testimonials from our global distributors to give you most insights about us.

Bentsai inkjet coding machine

Bentsai's Global Presence and Expertise

Originating from Taiwan and based in Zhuhai, China, Bentsai stands at the forefront of the thermal inkjet printing technology. As an integral part of the global hub for printing equipment, Bentsai offers advanced, cost-effective, and easy-to-maintain coding solutions with a team of rich expertise and experience of nearly 20 years.


Pioneering in Thermal Inkjet Technology

Bentsai prides itself on being a pioneer in developing thermal inkjet printing heads using microfluidic MEMS technology. This achievement in mass-producing thermal print head chips in Mainland China underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.


Bentsai Product Line for Handheld Printers

Our product range includes the B10 Mini handheld printer, the BT-HH6105 Series, the B30 Series, and the B80 series wide format handheld inkjet printers. Each product is a testament to our in-depth integration and customization capabilities. Check out the print height of each model below:

Model Name

Print Height

B10 Mini

2.5mm-12.7mm (1/2”)

BT-HH6105B2 & BT-HH6105B3

2.5mm-12.7mm (1/2”)

B30 & B30

2.5mm-25.4mm (1”)

B80 & B85

2.5mm-100mm (4”)


Different series of Bentsai handheld printer

BT-HH6105B2 Handheld Printer Gun: A Hot Seller

The B2 handheld printer gun stands out as a popular choice among our handheld printers. Known for its versatility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, it's a perfect example of Bentsai's commitment to quality and innovation and has been distributed in over 100 countries and gaining great reputations and feedbacks from our customers around the world. This is the model we would recommend if you want to start off the market by giving a small shot.


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Why Choose Bentsai?

  1. In-House Production of Key Components: Our ability to produce print heads, Linux-based operating system, great ink formula, hardware design, self-developed encryption algorithm and other core components in-house ensures top-tier quality and performance.
  2. Customization Capabilities: Bentsai's proficiency in software and hardware development allows for tailored solutions, meeting specific customer needs.
  3. Passionate and Experienced Team: Located in the global printing equipment hub, our team's extensive experience and passion drive our pursuit of excellence and customer satisfaction.
  4. Over 100 Global Patents

Bentsai's global patents

Bentsai owned certificates and rewards


Testimonials - Hear What Bentsai's Distributors Say about Us


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As a Bentsai distributor, you'll be part of a passionate team committed to revolutionizing the packaging industry. We support our distributors with extensive training, marketing materials, and competitive pricing, ensuring mutual growth and success.

Joining Bentsai as a distributor means becoming part of an innovative journey in the handheld printing market. Our dedication to quality, combined with your passion and expertise, can lead to a successful partnership in this rapidly evolving industry.

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