Introducing Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Inkjet Printer

In a world where mobility is key, the concept of printing has evolved dramatically. Gone are the days of bulky printing presses and stationary desktop printers. In their stead, a new hero emerges in the realm of printing technology—the handheld printer.

Among this revolutionary category, Bentsai's B10 mini handheld inkjet printer shines as a beacon of innovation. This machine got funded on Indiegogo back in 2021 and have been popular since its first launch. It is a blend of portability, versatility, and user-friendly design. Now let’s dive into what makes this mini B10 printer not just a gadget but a game-changer.


Key Features of Bentsai B10 Mini DIY Inkjet Printer

  1. Weight: 195g
  2. Dimension: 4.33 x 1.57 x 3.54 inches 
  3. Print Size: 2.5mm - 12.7mm
  4. Print on: Porous and non-porous surfaces
  5. Can Print: Text, expiry date, QR code, barcode, logo, emoji and more
  6. Applications: Date labeling, batch number printing, logo branding, item categorizing, DIY personal belongings, etc
  7. Connectivity: WIFI, App-controlled


Ultimate Portability: Your Printing Station in the Palm of Your Hand


Imagine the freedom of printing labels, barcodes, production and expiry dates or custom designs no matter where you are. The Bentsai B10, weighing a mere 195g and nearly the same size as an apple, offers just that. Designed for the modern professional on the move, this mini handheld printer connects seamlessly to your smartphone via WIFI. Whether you're using an iOS or Android device, the B10 fits perfectly in your pocket, ensuring you're always ready to print on the go.


Unmatched Versatility: From Flat to Curved, All Surfaces Are Your Canvas

B10 Mini Printer's Detachable Roller Plate

Why limit yourself to paper when the B10 Mini welcomes all surfaces as its canvas? With the capability to print on a spectrum of materials—be it paper, wood, cloth, carton boxes, metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, ceramic, or even stone—you're empowered to bring your vision to life on flat or curved surfaces alike.

Industrial labeling or personalizing gifts? The B10 diy handheld printer adapts to your needs with effortless grace, making it a valuable asset for both business and leisure.

With the detachabe roller plate on the printer, this machine can easily print on narrow, uneven or even curved surface like the water bottles, mugs, glass can, plastic helmet, and many more. This design greatly enrich the surfaces that a portable inkjet printer can be used on for wider applications.


Conscientious Efficiency: High-Capacity Printing with Low Ink Consumption

B10 mini ink box

The Bentsai B10 mini’s ink efficiency is a testament to the printer's thoughtful design. Equipped with a fast-dry ink cartridge of 42ml capacity, it’s a little powerhouse, printing up to an astounding 2 million characters per ink cartridge when printing at the smallest font size 2.5mm. Whether you’re printing complex QR codes or simple date stamps, your printing costs are kept low while your productivity soars.


Creativity Unleashed: Design with Ease Using the PRTFOX APP

App controlled B10 mini handheld printer

Bentsai's proprietary PRTFOX APP is the artist's palette for your printing masterpiece. With this intuitive app, you can design freely, creating multi-line prints (5 lines max) with a maximum height of 12.7mm.

Whether you need to adjust the font size, save templates for future use or print from your phone’s photo album, the app simplifies the process, making your printing journey as easy as a few taps on your screen.


Intuitive Operation: A User-Friendly Experience

In line with Bentsai’s commitment to accessibility, the PRTFOX APP is a paragon of user-friendly operation. Available for both IOS and Android devices, the APP is super easy to use. Connected via WIFI, customers can simply edit the text or date on the APP or load the image you want to print from photo album, be it an emoji or a logo. Send the print command to your B10 mini and then roll the printer, the print job is done in seconds. The APP supports 29 languages and boasts a 300DPI printing resolution, ensuring crisp and clear prints every time. The adjustable grey level further allows you to fine-tune your output, catering to all the intricacies your project requires.


Everything Included: Your B10 Mini’s Starter Kit

What's in the box - B10 mini printer

Every Bentsai B10 mini printer comes with everything you need to kickstart your printing journey. Inside the box, you'll find a USB cable, the printer itself, one black fast dry ink cartridge, a manual for easy setup, and a packing box to keep everything organized.

While the plug isn't included, the printer is compatible with any standard 5V 1A plug, making it ready to use with your existing USB chargers.



The Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Inkjet Printer is not just another tech gadget—it's a versatile tool designed to meet the demands of modern life. It’s perfect for professionals seeking efficiency and creativity in their work, for artists aspiring to bring their designs to diverse mediums, and for anyone looking for the convenience of printing on demand. With the B10 Mini, Bentsai has redefined what it means to print in the 21st century.

Ready to transform your printing experience? Explore the Bentsai B10 mini handheld printer and step into a world where printing limitations are a thing of the past. Wholesale price is availabel when ordering in bulk piecies.


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