Introducing the Bentsai B80 Series Wide Format Handheld Printer for Large Character Printing

At Bentsai, we make coding easy by providing a budget-friendly, low-maintenance solution that eliminates the need for costly service contracts. Our dedication to simplicity and efficiency can be seen in every aspect of our work. Bentsai B80 Series, which includes Bentsai B80 and B85 Wide Format Handheld Inkjet Printer, is the prove of our innovation and dedication, offering unparalleled convenience for large character printing on the go with their lightweight, fully mobile design, easy-to-operate 5-inch touch screen and smart coding capabilities. Let's delve into its remarkable features, advantages, and diverse applications across various industries.


Key Features of Bentsai B80 and B85 Large Character Handheld Inkjet Printer

Bentsai Large Character Handheld Printer

1. Unmatched Customization for Varied Applications

  1. Print size: 2.5mm to 100mm
  2. Can print up to 40 lines
  3. Use 4 ink cartridges optional

The Bentsai B80 Series sets itself apart with its extensive customization options. With 4 print heads and each print up to 25mm, you have the freedom to print within 2.5mm to 100mm height, allowing for the programming of 40 lines of information in a single run. This is the only handheld printer that’s capable of doing so in its sector.

Plus, you can either choose to install all 4 ink slots with cartridges or just one or two of them, the printer will still work! That’s another amazing feature, isn’t it? With four printheads at your disposal, the possibilities are endless, whether you choose to use them separately or together.


2. What can Bentsai B80 and Bentsai B85 print?

Both printers can effortlessly print expiration dates, times, serial numbers, alpha-numeric text, logos, images, barcodes, QR codes, and more on various surfaces.


3. Versatility Across Materials and Surfaces

  1. B80: Prints on porous surfaces only
  2. B85: Prints on both porous and non-porous surfaces

applicable printing materials for B80 and B85

As can be seen from the images, the Bentsai B85 large character printer is a true workhorse, capable of printing on almost 95% of commonly seen porous and non-porous materials. From wood and glass to fabric, cutlery, aluminum foil, PVC, and more, the B85 handheld printer proves to be an essential tool for diverse industries. 


4. Variable Database Printing

The B80 and B85 portable printer go a step further in versatility with their Variable Database Printing feature. This capability allows users to dynamically change and print information from a database, making it ideal for applications where unique data is required for each print. Whether it's serial numbers, addresses, or personalized messages, the printer seamlessly integrates with databases, streamlining the printing process for tailored content.


5. Swift Precision with Impressive Speeds

Another feature that stands out is their impressive print speed, reaching up to 10 meters per minute. This ensures that large characters, graphics, barcodes, QR codes, and other crucial information are swiftly imprinted on surfaces, enhancing productivity in time-sensitive operations.


6. High Resolution for Unmatched Quality

The Bentsai large character portable inkjet printer has a resolution of 300 DPI. Though this is not as high as our 6105 handheld printer gun series that with up to 600 DPI, you’re still guaranteed with top-notch quality for graphics, texts, barcodes and QR codes that are crisp and clear. The device guarantees clarity and precision in every print, making it a reliable choice for diverse industrial needs.


7. User-Friendly Interface for Seamless Operations

Navigating the B80 portable handheld printer is a breeze, thanks to its 5'' LCD touch screen and user-friendly interface. USB and type-C ports facilitate easy connectivity to portable devices, allowing users to upload and print files effortlessly. Whether entering information through the touchscreen or using external ports, the device accommodates an extensive library of files, ensuring a smooth and efficient printing experience.


8. Colorful Ink Printing Options

Print head for B80 and B85 printer

The Bentsai B80 Series wide format printer offers flexibility in ink color options, catering to different needs. With four ink cartridge slots, users can opt for a single color or produce colorful prints using four different ink colors.

The water-based ink provides cost-effective refilling options with colors like Black, Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow. This type of ink can be used on porous materials.

Meanwhile, solvent-based ink options include Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Green, and White, expanding the spectrum of creative possibilities. This type of ink mainly works on non-porous surfaces such as metal, PVC, plastic, aluminum foil, but it can also be used on porous materials as well.


9. What's in the Box

The packing list of B80 and B85 handheld printer varies slightly with the Bentsai B80 has 4 pcs refill ink kits for free while the B85 doesn't. This is because the B80 uses water based ink which can be refilled and the B85 uses solvent based ink and they cannot be refilled.

Packing List


Bentsai B80 Series Applications Across Industries

The Bentsai B80 and B85 large character handheld inkjet printers find applications in a multitude of industries, including:

1. Construction: Marking construction materials, equipment, and structures with precision.

2. Manufacturing: Labeling products, packaging, and production lines with customized information.

3. Warehousing: Efficiently tracking inventory with large, clear codes on various surfaces.

4. Event Management: Printing banners, signage, and promotional materials on-site during events.

5. Textile Industry: Applying logos, lot numbers, and care instructions directly onto fabric and garments.

6. Agriculture Industry: Coding expiration dates, batch numbers, and nutritional information on diverse agricultural product packaging and materials.


In Conclusion

At Bentsai Inkjet Coding Solutions, we make coding and labeling simpler. The Bentsai B80 Series Wide Format Handheld Printer stands as a testament to innovation in large character printing technology. Its portability, customization options, and versatility make it an indispensable tool across diverse industries, ensuring that precise and high-quality prints are attainable anytime, anywhere, even with variable database printing needs.

If you’re looking for a large character printer that can print on the fly, either the Bentsai B80 portable printer or B85 handheld inkjet printer will be a valuable addition to your printing workflow.



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