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Bentsai Handheld Inkjet Printer Firmware Download

  • · Please download the firmware version based on the corresponding printer model and serial number
  • · Different serial numbers correspond to different versions, which cannot be upgraded to each other, such as V1.0.18b cannot be upgraded to v3.0.27b
  • · For B10 Mini Printer: just download the latest APP from the app store by mobile phone.


Printer Model Serial Numer Firmware Version Firmware Download Link 
BT-HH6105 (B1/B2/B3) BXXXXXXX(Start with "B") v1069b
  E2XXXXXX → E22303XX v1.0.18b
  E22304XX → Newest v3.0.27b 

BXXXXXXX(Start with "B")


  E2XXXXXX → E22304XX v1.0.6b
  E22305XX → Newest v3.0.10b
B80/B85 BXXXXXXX(Start with "B") v1025b
  E2XXXXXX → E82302XX v1.0.6b
  E82303XX → E823080201 v1.0.14b
  E823080201 → Newest v3.0.15


* Above firmware versions updated on 2024/4/26

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