How to Choose a Suitable Industrial Portable Inkjet Printer from BENTSAI 6105 Series?

BENTSAI 6105 Series Handheld Printer

As portable handheld inkjet printers designed to meet industrial printing needs, 6105 series handheld inkjet printers are the best sellers from BENTSAI.

With BENTSAI 6105 series (B1, B2, B3 printer), you can print text, expiration date, logo, QR code and other essential markings directly onto objects, regardless of whether the surfaces are flat or curved, making this series the most convenient portable printers for a wide range of industries such as packaging, food, logistics, warehousing, timber, healthcare, etc.

Before selecting a handheld printer in 6105 series, you need to know the difference between the three printer models.



What can be printed with BENTSAI 6105 series handheld inkjet printers?

Applicable printing content

• BT-HH6105B1 printer and BT-HH6105B2 printer can print:

Text, number, barcode, QR code, logo, picture, expiration date and time.


 BT-HH6105B3 printer can print:

Text, number, barcode, QR code, logo, picture, expiration date and time, variable database printing


It’s worth mentioning that apart from the contents that BENTSAI B1 and B2 portable inkjet printers can print, BENTSAI B3 handheld printer has a unique variable database printing system, from which the printing elements such as QR code, barcode, text and number may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process and using information from a database or external file. This feature is especially useful when it comes to traceability in production.



What kind of surfaces can BENTSAI 6105 series handheld inkjet printers print on?

The materials that can be printed actually depend on the ink cartridge that the printer uses.

In BENTSAI 6105 series, BT-HH6105B1 portable inkjet printer can only use a water-based ink while BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 handheld printer support both water-based and solvent-based quick drying ink cartridges.


• BT-HH6105B1 Mobile Inkjet Printer

Using a water-based ink, BENTSAI B1 portable inkjet printer can only print on porous/water-absorbing substrates, including paper, wood, cloth, fabric, carton box, plasterboard, and fiberboard and so on.


• BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 Mobile Inkjet Printer

As mentioned above, BENTSAI B2 and B3 portable inkjet printer can use both water-based and solvent-based inks.

When using the water-based ink, the applicable printing materials are the same as B1 printer. But with the solvent-based ink installed, you can nearly print on ANY surfaces including the non-porous ones such as plastics, PVC, glass, concrete, stone, ceramics, aluminum, foil, metal, steel and many more.



Ink Color Options for BENTSAI 6105 Series Portable Inkjet Printer

Ink cartridges for BENTSAI 6105 series handheld printer


What Do BENTSAI BT-HH6105B1, BT-HH6105B2 and BT-HH6105B3 Handheld Printers Share in Common?


All 3 models can be assembled to an easy-set-up handheld printer holder and work with an automatic conveyor belt to realize continuous printing in production line. This not only improves printing and manufacturing efficiency but also lower labor needs and production costs as well.


The chart below are some other specifications and features that BENTSAI B1, B2 and B3 continuous inkjet printers share in common.

Product Weight

450g / 0.99lb

Product Dimensions

138*54*217mm / 0.45*0.18*0.7 inches

Printing Resolution

300DPI / 600DPI

Picture Resolution

Within 4800*150px

Picture Format


Height of Font


Touch Screen

4.3 Inches LCD Touch Screen

Operation System




Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian, Turkish

Internal Memory


Battery Capacity


Power Voltage


Working Hours




How do I choose a suitable handheld inkjet printer for my business?

In order to make an informed choice when selecting a handheld printer, there are several things you can take into account.


• Printing Needs

The first thing you can take into consideration is what you want the printer to do.

For example, if the only use you will ever have for the printer is to print expiration date or logo on carton box, you will not need a BENTSAI B3 printer that can do variable database printing, and this could greatly reduce the cost for buying a machine as well.


• Applicable Printing Surfaces and Ink Cartridges

Check the materials that you’re going to print on before purchase, confirm whether it is porous or non-porous and select a printer that can apply to such kind of materials.

Generally, water-based ink cartridges (apply to BENTSAI B1, B2 and B3 printer) are only suitable for porous surfaces such as paper, carton box, wood, fabric, cloth, cement wall, etc.

The solvent-based ink (apply to BENTSAI B2 and B3 printer) is quick drying and water proof for both porous and non-porous materials like plastics, glass, PVC, aluminum foil, concrete, ceramics, metal and even stone.

Another important factor to consider is how the brand handles the issue of ink cartridges. With OEM cartridges, the print quality, ink capacity and after-sales service are guaranteed, which are very important to business owners who have high requirements on print results.

While although some aftermarket cartridges are sold cheap, the chances for bad printing and incompatible are higher, and the costs in the long run is not cheap either.


• Height of Font and Printing Size

Printing size is another point you need to look at. For example, if you’re going to print some logos on your product or packaging with a handheld printer, you’d better consult with the printer supplier about the maximum printing size before purchase.

Here at BENTSAI, the height of font for 6105 series handheld inkjet printer is between 2.5mm to 12.7mm.


• Price

Depending on the functions and features, most of the handheld inkjet printers selling online are at the price range between $400 to $2000, and some suppliers offer wholesale price to business customers who purchase in bulk units.


• Operation System

As a portable inkjet printer, convenience and accessibility is at the core of its existence. The operation system should be straight forward and user friendly, it should have wide ranges of printing contents and language options to meet different printing needs around the world.


• Pre and After-sales Services

Printers from various brand may share the same printing functions, but pre and after-sales services are what makes a brand distinguished. A good supplier can recommend the right products and solutions before you buy, give extensive information and videos, and provide reliable after-sales guarantee and complete product use and maintenance instructions after your purchase.



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