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BENTSAI bottle printing solutions adapts to marking and coding of expiration dates, batch numbers, slogan, simple logo and icon, and are designed to print directly onto PET bottles, plastic or glass bottles in almost any orientation.

With a variety of pre-programmed codes, BENTSAI handheld inkjet printer can also print barcodes, datamatrix and QR codes onto bottle labels. With different models, these codes can be variable as well, meaning each code belongs to a specific bottle!




【Wide Range Model Selection】

From mini size to wide format, BENTSAI offers portable printers that print up to 12.7mm height and their larger version – 25.4mm, and the biggest large character inkjet gun that prints up to 100mm. Different models are designed to fulfill different needs. With the small character version, expiration dates are more easily marked while the wide format model can be used on larger size products such as carton box, wood, ceramic tile, etc.





【Automated Bottle Printing】

BENTSAI understands that bottle based production often requires high volumes, and therefore speedy, consistent and reliable printing is critical to production when you take efficiency and costs including labor and rework for account. Here at BENTSAI, the bottle printers and coders are designed to integrate with production line system, able to cope with a variety of line speeds and boost efficiency.

Automatic Printing


【Variable Database Printing】

We also offer the models capable of static marking and variable database printing. With the variable data printing coders, variable batch numbers, texts, codes, expiry dates, pictures can be printed without manually stopping the printing to setting and therefore avoid line downtime.


【Anti-counterfeit Bottle Printing】

BENTSAI handheld inkjet printers also have a specialist bottle coding solution like the UV visible ink, which is very suitable for anti-counterfeit product identification and traceability of production and distribution.

UV Visible ink


With many years of experience in creating coding and marking equipment, we understand that bottle printing presents a number of unique challenges, from difficult to adhere surfaces and wet environments, to small circumference marking areas. Our products have been specifically designed to meet these challenges.

BENTSAI bottle coders are used in a wide range of industries from beverage, bottle canned food and cosmetics, to FMCG household products and chemical bottling. Our expertise in product and packaging marking & identification can help you to reduce costs and improve production rates.


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