Industrial Inkjet Printers

BENTSAI Industrial Printers - Professional DOD inkjet Printers. Can used to print datecodes, barcodes, batch codes, various labels and other informations on products or packaging.

If you want higher quality and better printing results, BENTSAI will be your best choice. We provide the best industrial printing solutions for every customer. Whether you need to print large characters or small characters, have high requirements for printing speed and quality, or need to print in harsh industrial environments, BENTSAI industrial inkjet printers can meet all your requirements.

Benefits of BENTSAI’s DOD industrial inkjet printers:

Ink Efficiency

DOD printers only use the ink they need to print, which can be more efficient than other printing technologies.


DOD printers can use a variety of inks to mark different substrates, and can create gradients and greyscale effects at resolutions of 1200 dpi and higher.


DOD printers can have lower capital and operational costs than other inkjet technologies.


DOD printers can be reliable in harsh industrial environments, which can increase uptime and production efficiency.

System Modularity

DOD printers are modular. If there is an issue with printhead - you can swap-it-out.

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