BENTSAI B10 Mini Printer, The Mobile Pocket Printer That Prints What You Want

Traditional printers can only be placed in a fixed location and connected to a cable in the office or home, and they can not print directly on objects and products. But with the change and expansion of printing needs of different people from all walks of life, portable handheld printers have come into being.

This type of printers are lightweight, easy to be carried around and operate, adapt to a variety of scenarios; They usually are set up with many fonts, suitable for marking logo, patterns, numbers, bar codes, QR code, DM code, etc.




With the development of technology, the appearance design of handheld inkjet printers tends to become more compact while maintaining as many as functions and features as possible. This helps people to use the printer for a long time without getting tired. At the same time, the improvement of functions such as the APP makes the printer easier to be uses, even a total beginner can master the operation within a few minutes.

From the development of our first handheld printer to the launch of a more compact and portable printer —— the B10 Mini printer, BENTSAI has always been committed to become the leader in the handheld printer industry, and has been insisting on investing in R&D. We constantly launch cost-effective products through technological innovation.


Bentsai portable printer


Compact size and easy to use
B10 mini portable printer weighs only only 195g and fits in all kinds of bags seamlessly. It even fit your pocket. The small size design makes it perfect for marking on narrow uneven surfaces and small items such as tubes, cylinders, bottle caps and many more, which solves the pain points that the larger or standard sized handheld printers cannot resolve.


Easy to operate and maintain
All operation is done on an APP called PRTFox. This APP supports both IOS or Android smartphones, its design is straightforward and beginner friendly. Print any text and graphic in high resolution with just a simple sideways movement across the surface. Excellent adhesion for various materials, fast dry ink could be customized density on APP.


APP template


Rich print content and templates
B10 Mini can print all kinds of contents, including texts, numbers, logo, pictures, QR code, barcode, etc. It is suitable for household, daily use, food packaging, small batch production of individual wholesalers and other different scenarios. You can customize any printing templates on PRTFOX APP. Simply tap and move your work anywhere on the interface to create the most attractive logo, barcode and even expire date in your preferred arrangement. The limitation is your imagination!



Ink color


Solvent Fast Dry Ink, 7 Color Options

A new ink formula developed by BENTSAI specifically for specialty applications, including packaging materials and more challenging substrates. Has outstanding decap, an unusual characteristic for solvent-based ink formula, no more varnish spray required for glossy surfaces. With widely color options from Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Green, White and Invisible.



Sets a new standard in the portable printer industry

BENTSAI B10 Mini printer is a perfect solution to the user's woes, using a small, lightweight, convenient design can effectively save space, but also improve the output quality, greatly reducing energy consumption and raising productivity.

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