Printing Solution | How are Handheld Coder Printer Applied in Food and Beverage Industry?

For food and beverage industry, the practice of marking is a must when it comes to labeling production dates, lot numbers, barcode on products or even logo, sign on the outer box of the products. With the large marking need in demand, companies and factories are always seeking for a better way to streamline the process and save costs in the meantime.

Handheld inkjet printers have been a great solution for this and let’s check out how they are applied in the food and beverage business.


  • Best Before Date Marking

Exp date on Lay's chip bag

Whether it is snack, canned fruit, cereal, bread, juice, water or jam, best before date is a must. With portable handheld inkjet printer that prints directly on all sorts of surfaces, factories can easily label production and expiration dates on their products anytime while on the go.


Take BENTSA BT-HH6105B2 handheld inkjet printer for instance, its maximum ink nozzle is 12.7mm in height, the perfect size for printing small character date, time, number on food and drink packaging. Moreover, this model can print on nearly any non-porous materials that food and drinks will be stored in, no matter it is plastic bottles, aluminum foils, PVC, PET bag, glass jar, can, kraft paper box or the bottle lid, BENTSAI professional date coder printer can easily fulfill your needs.


  • QR Code & Barcode Printing

QR Code on plastic milk bottle

QR code and barcode play an extreme important role in food and beverage industry. These codes not only help manufacturers and customers to trace the product, ensure authenticity, but also serve as an advertising medium by putting a company’s link to marketing campaign, website, social media platform, brand profile, etc. in the QR code for customers to scan to increase the possibilities for conversion.


BENTSAI inkjet coders can generate QR code and barcode automatically after typing what you want to show in the Edit setting, you can also choose to store your codes as a picture and print it out. Either way, the codes would look great and easy to be read.


Moreover, with the variable data printing feature like BENTSAI BT-HH6105B3, B30, B35, B80, B85 handheld inkjet printer has, you will be able to print variable QR code or barcode from a local file without stopping to edit setting on the printer after each print. This is a huge time-saver and productivity booster.


  • Package Labeling

Every food and drink go into a carton box for packing after production and fully sealed. Generally, companies and factories will hand the job for packaging printing to a third party agent, which will cost a fortunate in the long run. If you’re a startup or the scale of your business is not that large, I believe you would want to save as many budgets as you can. In this case, a handheld inkjet printer will be a great alternative for you.


To make it happen, all you need is a handheld printer, an ink cartridge and blank carton boxes to be printed, design what you want to print on your computer and save it to a USB flash drive in the correct format, then set up the printer, and you can start marking every information you need on the boxes.

Except BENTSAI B10 mini printer, all other handheld inkjet printers from BENTSAI have a photoelectric printing mode that enables the printer to print automatically by sensing the objects running on a conveyor belt, you can adjust the printing speed based on your needs as well. This not only will greatly increase the volume that you can print, but also save time, labor costs and production costs as well.


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