User Guide: Everything You Need to Know About BENTSAI B10 Mini Portable Printer

Launched in 2021, B10 Mini portable printer is the newest innovation from BENTSAI. Unlike other BENTSAI printer series, B10 Mini no longer has a hand holder and the size of the product is reduced to the size of an apple. Even though the size and weight are drastically down, the printing functions and features remain versatile.


BENTSAI B10 Mini is operated via WIFI on an APP, compatible with both IOS and Android system, making your every print easy on the go. With all operation being selected and edited on an APP called PRTFOX, here are some basic information and tricks you need to know before buying and using the machine.


Basic Information You Need to Know before Purchase


1. What type of ink does B10 Mini require?

BENTSAI B10 Mini only has one ink tank, it accepts a solvent fast dry ink which is water proof and rub resistant. Each ink cartridge prints up to 2 million characters.

With this machine, you can basically print on any materials including porous and non-water absorbing materials such as paper, carton box, plasterboard, fabrics, cement wall, plastics, glass, acrylic, PVC, ceramics, aluminum foil, etc.


2. I’m using the solvent quick dry ink, what WON'T the ink stick to?

Quick dry ink is suitable for most of non-porous and semi-porous materials in the market except the glossy surfaces such as polyester paper and POM plastic. Please be aware that the color rendering would be various due to the surfaces color. For example, green ink would not be visible on dark surfaces.


3. What can I print with B10 Mini? Does it have any restriction on the size of the print?

With BENTSAI B10 Mini, you can print elements such as text, number, time, best before date, icon, logo, QR code, barcode and photo. The height of font should be limited within 12.7mm. When printing a photo, we would suggest choosing those of simple color combination and figures for the best print result. 


4. Can I print on curved surface with the mini printer?

Definitely. Under proper conditions, B10 can print on rough, curved and uneven surfaces. The roller plate on the device is also designed to be removable so as to help you print on small and narrow surfaces more smoothly.

Removable roller place of B10 Mini


Basic Information You Need to Know after Purchase


1. How to connect the printer to my phone?

• Download and Install PRTFOX App from App store.

• Click the round button on the printer to turn on the machine. Blue light indicates the printer is ready to print.

• Connect B10 mini printer to your phone through WIFI (Note: You may find the original WIFI password on the inside of the printer magnetic cover and the instruction manual).

• Connect B10 mini printer to the PRTFOX App by clicking the “+” button on the APP.

Then you’re all set and free to edit your print content or change printer settings on the PRTFOX App.


2. Can B10 Mini print addresses (3-5 rows) in one go? (Street, city, zip code, sometimes country.)

Sure. BENTSAI B10 Mini has a 12.7mm / 0.5 inch print head and based on our test, you can print up to 5 lines when using the smallest font size.


3. How to print QR code?

Click the “QR Code” or “Barcode” icon on the APP interface, input your text, number or the link to a website (whatever you want to show) or insert a picture, save the file and back to print.


4. How to print consecutive number?

• Connect your B10 mini printer to PRTFOX APP

• Click "Settings" icon at the top left corner

• Click "Print" in Setting

• Turn off the "Repeat print" at the bottom

• Click the check icon

After this setting your B10 should be ready to print consecutive number.


Kind reminder: Please keep your phone screen on while printing, otherwise data could not transfer to the printer.


If you have further questions towards BENTSAI B10 Mini, feel free to leave a comment, message or email us at, our team will be more than happy to hear from you.

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