Mini Handheld Printer for Printing on Uneven Surfaces

When it comes to printing, one size doesn't fit all—especially with the myriad of surfaces we encounter daily. From the subtle curve of a wine bottle to the robust contour of a metal canister, these shapes demand more than the traditional flat-surface approach. Today we will introduce an innovative printing solution for your curved printing needs: the Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Printers. This pocket-sized gadget goes beyond the flatlands and invites you into the world of 3D object personalization.


Introducing Bentsai B10 Mini Portable Printer

Bentsai B10 diy handheld printer is the first pocket-sized inkjet printer added to Bentsai's diverse handheld printer series to meet the portable printing demands. Launched initially on Indiegogo, where it successfully raised $74,986 USD and caught the attention of numerous influencers, this mini printer has since become a viral sensation on social media platforms like TikTok, amassing over 10 million views. But what's so special about this little gadget and how can it print on curved surfaces? Let's take a look at its key features first:

Key Features of Bentai B10:

  1. Dimension: 110*40*90mm
  2. Wight: 195g
  3. Connectivity: WIFI
  4. Print Height: 2.5mm-12.7mm
  5. Printable Content: Text, number, date, logo, QR code, barcode
  6. Print Capability: Print on flat or curved porous and non-porous surfaces directly without pre-coating. For example, wood, fabric, cardboard, plastic, PVC, metal, ceramic, silicone, aluminum, etc.

What Makes the Bentsai B10 Mini Special?

The Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Printer revolutionizes portable printing, distinguishing itself with a remarkable set of features designed for modern demands. This device is not only lightweight at 195g, making it exceptionally portable, but also offers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for seamless app-controlled operation. Its standout feature is the ability to print directly on a variety of surfaces—both flat and curved—catering to a broad spectrum of applications from precise business labeling to imaginative personal projects. 

Now we know the Bentsai B10 Mini may be small, but its coverage is vast. How does a device so compact ensure complete and even printing on curved surfaces? Watch a review and demo view below and you will know why.


Compact Design for Enhanced Portability

When it comes to printing on small and intricately shaped items, size does matter – the smaller the device, the greater its agility. Sized at 110*40*90mm and with light wight at only 195g, the B10 portable DIY printer is super compact and that is pivotal in expanding its utility beyond flat landscapes to the varied topography of curved surfaces. This handheld inkjet printer's petite stature is deliberately crafted to ensure that it fits comfortably in your hand, much like a traditional marking tool. This ergonomic design translates to unparalleled control and freedom of movement over any object’s surface, be it imprinting a logo on a curved metal flask, labeling cylindrical cosmetic products, or personalizing bespoke party favors.

Printing on helmet with B10 mini diy handheld printer


Detachable Roller Plate for Precision on Curved Surfaces

Another unique feature that sets the Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Printer apart is its detachable roller plate. This cleverly designed component is crucial for printing perfection on curved, uneven, or narrow surfaces. By allowing the roller plate to be removed, the B10 Mini offers unparalleled ease when making contact with small and narrow surfaces. This adaptability is vital for industries like cosmetics, where items such as cylindrical bottles require precise label placement. The roller plate ensures that the print is evenly applied and consistently clear, regardless of the object's shape.

Detachable roller plate


Versatile Printing Capabilities

This portable mini thermal printer stands out with its ability to print on both flat and curved surfaces, accommodating a wide range of materials from wood and fabric to metal and silicone. This versatility is crucial for businesses that require consistent branding across diverse product lines. Whether printing barcodes, logos, or decorative designs, the printer adapts to the surface without the need for pre-coating, making it a go-to solution for immediate and hassle-free marking.


Empowering Creativity and Branding

The Bentsai B10 Mini opens up new possibilities for creative expression and brand visibility. By enabling high-quality printing on virtually any surface, this handheld printer helps businesses unleash their branding potential beyond traditional flat media. Whether it's customizing party favors, personalizing wedding gifts, or applying corporate logos to promotional merchandise, the Bentsai B10 Mini turns every object into a canvas for personal or professional storytelling.



By integrating these advanced features into a single compact device, the Bentsai B10 not only meets but exceeds the typical expectations for a handheld printer. Its exceptional ability to print on curved surfaces, along with its portability, app-controlled operation, and durable, high-quality outputs, redefines what's possible in the realm of portable printing. The B10 Mini provides users with a powerful tool that significantly enhances their productivity and creativity, making it an indispensable asset for both professional applications and personal projects.


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