Mini Handheld Printer for Printing on Uneven Surfaces

When it comes to printing, one size doesn't fit all—especially with the myriad of surfaces we encounter daily. From the subtle curve of a wine bottle to the robust contour of a metal canister, these shapes demand more than the traditional flat-surface approach. Enter the Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Printer: the innovative solution for your curved surface printing needs. This portable powerhouse goes beyond the flatlands and invites you into the world of 3D object personalization.


Introducing Bentsai B10 Mini Portable Printer

Before we jump into the groundbreaking ability to print on curved surfaces, let’s take a moment to appreciate the sheer ingenuity encapsulated within the B10 Mini. This handheld inkjet printer is connected via WIFI for both Android and IOS system. All editing and print jobs are done on the free and user-friendly APP called PRTFOX. There’re multiple date formats and fonts side the APP to suit your needs and you get to save your own customized templates as well.

Sporting a 0.5-inch print head, this mini printer covers a print range from 2.5mm to 12.7mm in height, ideal for precise small character labeling and marking such as production dates, serial numbers, identification marks, and even scannable barcodes on varied items, regardless of their surface curvature. From the warehouse to the crafter’s studio, Bentsai diy handheld printer has found its way to transform the way you print.

Now we know the Bentsai B10 Mini may be small, but its coverage is vast. How does a device so compact ensure complete and even printing on curved surfaces? We’ll explore its ergonomic design that makes holding and maneuvering over complex shapes as easy as writing with a pen.


Mastering Curves with Unmatched Compactness

Printing on helmet with B10 mini diy handheld printer

In the world of handheld printing, the Bentsai B10 Mini stands out not just for its technology, but also for its thoughtfully designed compact form factor. Sized at 110*40*90mm, B10 mini printer is super compact and that is pivotal in expanding its utility beyond flat landscapes to the varied topography of curved surfaces.

When it comes to printing on small and intricately shaped items, size does matter – the smaller the device, the greater its agility. The B10 Mini’s petite stature is deliberately crafted to ensure that it fits comfortably in your hand, much like a traditional marking tool. This ergonomic design translates to unparalleled control and freedom of movement over any object’s surface, be it as narrow as a pen or as irregular as a seashell. 

Conventional printers, shackled by their bulkiness, confine themselves to static applications, unable to transcend the limitations of flatness. Contrarily, the B10 Mini, with its featherweight design, gracefully navigates the curves and recesses of three-dimensional objects with the finesse of an artist's brush. Be it imprinting a logo on a curved metal flask, labeling cylindrical cosmetic products, or personalizing bespoke party favors, this DIY handheld inkjet printer thrives on the challenge of overcoming every surface irregularity.


Unmatched Precision on Every Surface with the Detachable Roller Plate

Detachable roller plate

Another unique feature that sets the Bentsai B10 Mini Handheld Printer apart is its detachable roller plate. This cleverly designed component is crucial for printing perfection on curved surfaces. By allowing the roller plate to be removed, the B10 Mini offers unparalleled ease when making contact with small and narrow surfaces. This ensures that whether you're printing on the curve of a wine glass stem or the edge of a hard hat, the device can deliver crisp, consistent prints every time.

The removable roller plate not only adapts to the shape of your printing canvas but also contributes to the B10 Mini's ability to deliver smooth, uninterrupted printing on surfaces that would traditionally pose a challenge. From cylindrical tubes to concave recesses, the roller plate’s versatility enhances the printer's ability to navigate and print over complex shapes with precision.


Bring Your Brand to Every Curve

Imagine a canvas that knows no bounds—the Bentsai B10 Mini, your gateway to unleashing branding potential on curved surfaces. It’s not merely about applying a logo, text, or design; it’s about storytelling. Let your brand narrative unfold seamlessly on unconventional canvases, breaking free from the limitations of traditional printing methods.

Curvature becomes an opportunity rather than a barrier. Explore the uncharted territory of branding and make your mark on products that conventional printers struggle to embrace. Empower your brand to shine on every visible surface, creating a lasting impression in the marketplace.



The Bentsai B10 Mini handheld printer isn’t just a tool; it's a paradigm shift. An amalgamation of portability, adaptability, and precision, it redefines the landscape of creativity—liberating it from the confines of conventional norms. In a world where every surface tells a story, the B10 Mini ensures that your narrative is vivid, bold, and unparalleled—irrespective of curvature or linearity.

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