Why do You Need a Handheld Printer Gun?

Achieving efficiency and flexibility in operational tasks is essential across industries. The handheld printer gun is at the forefront of this, offering versatile and convenient solutions for on-the-go printing needs. This article will explore the significant advantages of handheld gun-type inkjet printers, highlight various applications, and guide you on where to obtain these innovative devices.


Gun-typed inkjet printer

What is a Handheld Inkjet Printer Gun?

A handheld inkjet printer gun is a compact, mobile device that prints text, date, QR code, barcode, and pictures directly onto various surfaces. Utilizing Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) technology, these printers are ideal for delivering crisp, precise prints across diverse materials, making them indispensable in settings ranging from industrial to retail, especially for small businesses.


Advantages of Handheld Printing Devices

Compared to traditional printing solutions which are mostly limited to a certain space and cannot be moved around, handheld printers offer several significant advantages:

  1. Portability: Easily carried and used anywhere, ideal for dynamic and mobile work environments.
  2. Flexibility: Capable of printing directly on a variety of materials, including cartons, metals, plastics, wood, textiles and more. No label or pre-coating needed.
  3. User-Friendliness: Simple operation with minimal setup time allows users to print effortlessly and efficiently.
  4. Cost Efficiency: Compared to bulky traditional printer, the upfront investment is relatively lower.
  5. Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep compared to traditional printers, saving time and operational costs.
  6. High Printing Definition: Generally with a definition ranging from 300 DPI to 600 DPI while traditional CIJ printer only has 100 DPI.


Where to Use a Gun-Type Handheld Printer?

Now that we've gained more insights about the advantages of gun-type handheld printers, let's explore the various settings where they prove invaluable:

  1. Food and Beverage: Ideal for printing expiration dates and batch codes directly on food packaging, ensuring compliance and freshness.
  2. Packaging: Versatile in marking corrugated boxes, PVC film, pallets, wood and more, which helps in traceability and inventory management.
  3. Wine Industry: Useful for marking production dates, vintage details and vineyard branding directly on wine bottles or crates.
  4. Pharmaceuticals: Critical for printing precise, legible information like batch numbers and expiration dates on drug packaging to meet stringent regulatory standards.
  5. Manufacturing: Enhances productivity by quickly marking parts with serial numbers, safety warnings, and compliance labels directly on the manufacturing floor.
  6. Logistics: Streamlines operations by marking barcodes, handling signs, or routing information on various transport units and packaging.
  7. Cable Marking: Handy in the electronics industry for marking cables and wires with identifiers or test codes to ensure quality control and organization.
  8. Retail: Facilitates branding and promotions by printing custom messages, price tags, or sale information directly on products and packaging in store environments.


Where Can You Get It?

Many major handheld printer brands are available globally, offering both online sales and local distribution options, making it easier to get a handheld printer gun now compared to the past. Here are some common channels where you can purchase these devices:

  1. Direct Purchases from Manufacturers: Companies like Bentsai provide direct sales through their websites, ensuring you get authentic products along with customer support.
  2. Online Marketplaces: Websites such as Amazon and Alibaba offer a wide range of handheld TIJ printers, allowing you to compare different models and prices.
  3. Specialized Industrial Equipment Suppliers: These vendors often stock various models and can offer additional professional advice based on your specific printing needs.
  4. Local Distributors and Retailers: For those who prefer shopping in person, local dealers can provide demonstrations and immediate product availability without dealing with customs clearance.


What is Our Recommendation?

For reliability and versatility, Bentsai handheld inkjet printer guns are our top recommendation with their high quality and advanced printing technology.

Bentsai B2 handjet printer gun

Bentsai BT-HH6105B2 Handheld Inkjet Printer Gun

  1. Price: $530
  2. Print Size: Adjustable ranging from 5-12.7mm
  3. Print Speed: 30m/min
  4. Working Time: 8 hours
  5. Print Resolution: 300/600 DPI
  6. Surface Flexibility: Effective on a 95% of the commonly seen porous and non-porous surfaces including carton box, wood, glass, plastic, PVC, metal, and many more, adaptable for different industries.
  7. Printable Content: Text, date, picture, QR code, barcode

The Bentsai B2 printer gun is the hot seller from this brand’s hand held printing machine series. With the ability to print small character at half an inch in up to 600 DPI high resolution, this machine is warmly welcomed by many industries including food and beverage, dairy, manufacturing, cable and more for product date labeling and batch coding. The ink dries fast and with high quality. If you’re in need of printing small-sized information, this portable inkjet printer gun will be your way to go.


Bentsai 6205BL Handheld Printer Gun

Bentsai BT-HH6205BL Portable Inkjet Printer Gun

  1. Price: $520 (special price on Indiegogo)
  2. Print Size: Adjustable ranging from 0.8-25.4mm
  3. Print Speed: 30m/min
  4. Working Time: 16+ hours
  5. Print Resolution: 300/600 DPI
  6. Surface Flexibility: Same as the previous Bentsai B2 printer
  7. Printable Content: Text, date, picture, QR code, barcode, and also variable data

As you can tell from the name, the Bentsai BT-HH6205 handjet printer is the upgrade generation of the Bentsai 6105 series printer. With completely new interface and twice the working hours of the previous version at robust 16+ hours, the Bentsai 6205 takes your small character inkjet labeling and coding to the next level by minimizing its smallest print size to 0.8mm. The BTHH6205BL printer also supports 2 ways of charging the battery so they you can print non-stop and no delay on your print job.


Bentsai B35 handheld printer

Bentsai B35 Handheld Inkjet Printer

  1. Price: $700
  2. Print Size: Adjustable ranging from 5-25.4mm
  3. Print Speed: 15m/min
  4. Print Resolution: 300 DPI
  5. Surface Flexibility: Cardboard, fabric, wood, metal, glass, plastic, PVC, aluminum, ceramic, etc. Widely used in different industries.
  6. Printable Content: Text, date, picture, QR code, barcode, and also variable data

Unlike the Bentsai 6105 and 6205 series, the Bentsai B35 prints bigger fonts which is up to 25.4mm with single print head. With that being said, this machine not only completes all the printing tasks that the previous machine do, but it also features a larger print size to meet a broader spectrum of printing needs. If your labeling and coding needs to be bigger than half an inch, then the Bentsai B35 is your good option. Moreover, it has the variable data printing feature which allows you to print variable date, text, and even barcodes and pictures.



Hand held printer guns are essential for industries requiring efficient and flexible printing on various materials. They offer significant advantages over traditional printers, such as portability, cost efficiency, and low maintenance. These devices are particularly valuable in settings like food and beverage, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing for tasks such as labeling, coding, and branding. If you’re looking for getting one of these machines for your business, Bentsai handheld TIJ printer will be a good choice for you with their high quality and exceptional service.

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