What Should Be Considered When Buying a Portable Printer?

So easily imaginable, a portable printer is usually compact and lightweight, battery powered, connected via Bluetooth or WIFI and contains a few features such as printing photo, text, numbers, expiration date and time, logo or even QR code and barcode. A good portable printer could be a life saver for getting your print task done while on the go without being confined to a spot.


Targeting to different groups of clients, there are a few types of portable printers in the market to meet different needs. Some for printing photos, some are label makers, some can print directly onto objects, etc., regardless of the types, these are some of the top things that you should consider before buying a mobile printer.


Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Portable Printer


#1 Printer Size

The core existence of a portable printer is in its mobility and lightweight. Before selecting a printer, think about the scenarios that you will be using it and where will you put it when not in use and on the road, so now you must have a picture in mind —— a portable printer should be small enough to fit into your pocket and backpack and doesn’t weigh a lot.


#2 Connectivity and Compatibility

Another feature to consider before purchasing a mobile printer is compatibility with the smartphones, laptops, and computers that you use. Tough most of the portable printers can be connected via WIFI and support IOS/Android/Windows system, not all of them support connecting to a phone, laptop or computer at the same time, some are for use with mobile phones only. It would be a shame to buy a printer only to be unable to use it due to a lack of compatible system drivers, so make sure you get this information confirmed before making a purchase.


#3 Functions

Although different manufacturers are trying their best to preserve the various functions of the printer, as the size of the portable printer decreases, some functions will inevitably be removed. Choosing a wrong type of printers will cause unnecessary inconvenience and costs, so before buying a mobile printer, another important thing you need to look at is what you want the printer to do. If all you want is to print photos, then a printer that specializes in printing QR code is not for you.

Also, features such as inkless vs. ink required, monochrome vs. color, direct printing vs. indirect printing (special coating or paper needed), print content, applicable printing surfaces, maximum font size and many more are some of the factors that should be taken into account.


#4 Power Supply

Portable printers are usually battery powered which you can either use when unplugged and when under charging. Batteries, however, are not all created with the same performance. Before purchasing, you should evaluate how long will the battery lasts once fully charged because nothing is more upset than a dead battery on the road.


#5 Ease of Use

Mobile printers are mainly for people on the go, which means troubleshooting manual or tech support would seldom be available within reach. So in this sense, from inserting ink cartridge or changing printer paper, connecting to your device, editing printing content or changing setting on APP to charging the battery, the simpler the operation, the better.



The Best Pocket-sized Portable Printer of the Year

BENTSAI B10 Mini Portable Printer

BENTSAI B10 Mini Wireless Pocket-sized Portable Inkjet Printer



B10 mini

Printer Type


Ink Type

Solvent fast dry ink

Ink Capacity

42ml, print up to 2,000,000 characters

Product Dimensions


Product Weight



WIFI on smartphones

APP Operation System

IOS, Android


APP Language Options

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Persian, Turkish

Printing Content

Texts, numbers, barcode, QR code, logo, pictures, date, time, counters

Applicable Printing Surfaces

Porou and non-porous materials: wood, cloth, paper, fabric, carton box, plasterboard, fiberboard, cement wall, plastic, acrylic, glass, ceramics, metal, aluminum, PVC and stone, etc.

Nozzle Height


Spraying Distance


Maximum Printing Speed


Printing Resolution


Charging Port


Battery Capacity


Working Hours

3 Hours


Reasons to Buy:

  • ● Print anywhere directly
  • ● Endless printing content
  • ● Stylish design and super lightweight
  • ● High printing speed
  • ● Easy operation
  • ● High-yield cartridge lowers printing costs


Reasons to Avoid:

  • ● Monochrome color printing
  • ● Above average printer costs



Released in 2021, BENTSAI B10 Mini is the finest pocket printer for business, allowing you to customize the printing elements ranging from text, number, date, icon, logo, QR code, barcode to photo and print directly onto ANY surfaces while on the go.


● Compact and Lightweight

Designed to meet printing needs while on the go, B10 mini portable printer weighs only 195g and smaller than an apple, makes it super easy to carry around without taking up much space. The magnetic design of the nozzle cover also adds a hint of technology to the machine.


● Endless Applications

Better yet, BENTSAI B10 mini pocket printer maximizes what you can do on the go, offering direct text, number, date and time, QR code, barcode, logo and picture printing on both porous and non-porous objects, regardless of whether the surfaces are curved or flat. This allows you print customized content whether it is for business purpose or personal decorations.


● Easy Operation, High Printing Speed

The setup is super easy, too. All you need to do is connect your cell phone to the printer via WIFI, edit your content to be printed on the PRTFOX APP and you’re ready to print. You can even save your printing template on the APP and adjust the printing gray level. The maximum printing speed of this mini printer is also higher than the average printers of the same kind, BENTSAI B10 mini prints 500mm/sec while the average kinds is at 30-300mm/sec.


● High-quality and Economical Ink

Though BENTSAI B10 mini pocket printer is on the pricey side, the most immediate payoff is a 42ml high quality ink cartridge that comes along in a standard package, which allows you to print up to 2,000,000 characters ≈ 1,080,000 production date ≈ 98,182 QR Codes ≈ 29,189 barcodes. Every single character only costs $0.0002 at average gray level 3. A great money saver compared to other small character inkjet printers.

In addition to its economical ink cartridge, the portable BENTSAI B10 mini also delivers excellent color and detail even when printing elements such QR code that requires a lot of high density ink. Not to mention the ink is quick drying and water proof. However, one downside of B10 mini is that it only prints one color, but having the compact design and the direct printing capability on nearly 90% of the materials on the go is well-worth the compromise.


● 7 Ink Color Options

BENTSAI Solvent Fast Dry Ink Cartridge for B10 Mini & B2, B3 Portable Printers

Though the machine cannot print colors, there are 7 colors of the fast dry ink cartridges for you to choose: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Green, White, and Invisible (only visible under UV light). The invisible ink is a bonus to manufacturers who need to apply anti-counterfeiting. Potentially to be used in traceability in production and logistics, copy protection on tickets and vouchers. By clicking the button on B10 mini mobile printer, you can replace whatever colors you’d like in just 15 seconds.


If you haven’t yet experienced the ease and convenience a portable printer brings, check out BENTSAI B10 Mini, the finest portable printer for business now. It will definitely blow your mind and bring your experience with portable printers to the next level!

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