6 Creative Ways to Utilize Your BENTSAI B10 Mini Portable Printer



Released in 2021, BENTSAI B10 Mini is the finest pocket printer for business, allowing you to customize the printing elements ranging from text, number, date, icon, logo, QR code, barcode to photo and print directly onto ANY surfaces while on the go. With the pocket-sized, 195g lightweight design and versatile functions, B10 Mini is warmly welcomed by hundreds of small to medium scale enterprises across industries once released and has brought convenience and fun to endless printer owners around the world.


But if you think BENTSAI B10 Mini printer is only for business and industrial use, think again! There are a bunch of creative and funny ideas waiting to be discovered and today, you’re about to get inspired! From personalized clothing and objects, art signature, name tag, DIY phone case to even temporary tattoo, your imagination is your limitation!


● Categorize and Organize Your Items

Categorize and Organize Your Items

If you use the kitchen a lot, you must be familiar with this situation: when you’re in a hurry to add seasoning to your meal but only to find it extremely confusing to differentiate all sorts of sauce, spices and seasoning by the look, and then your food get over cooked while you’re finding the correct one. Or if you love to keep your fridge and cupboard full, searching for specific food and objects can be extremely time consuming and frustrating.

Now with BENTSAI B10 mobile printer, you can keep your sauce, seasoning and food categorized and organized by directly marking item information on each can, jar, drawer, box or cupboard etc.


● Customize Your Phone Case

DIY Phone Case

Using the same old phone case can be dull and boring, with BENTSAI B10 Mini, you can change the look of your old phone case without having to purchase a new one. Printing your name or favorite quote, icon on your phone case can give it a cute & personal touch.


● DIY Clothing, Shoes and Bags

DIY Clothes

What highlights your personality better than a DIY clothing? From printing your own T-shirt, shoes, reusable bags or even cushion covers, beautiful textiles await your BENTSAI B10 Mini. Just design your own pattern, quote, slogan or logo on your phone and roll on the materials, you will get a unique clothe of your own in the entire world!


Art Signature

Do you need to sign a lot of paperwork per day? It gets tiresome and boring when keep repeating the same action, we totally get it and we’re here to release your hand! With BENTSAI B10 pocket printer, you can save your signature as a photo and then print it out. Every time you need to sign anything, just take out your B10 mini and roll, your signature is done!


Personalized Bottles, Laptops and Other Accessories

Personalized objects

Does your kid often take his classmate’s bottle or other belongings back home by mistake just because they look exactly the same? It’s time to make all your belongings stand out with personalized name tag and designs. Using a solvent fast dry and water proof ink, BENTSAI B10 mini portable printer can be applied to ANY surfaces including textile, plastics, ceramics, aluminum, steel, etc., allowing to mark your personal belongings anywhere you want.


● Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoo

Wanna try out a tattoo before getting inked for real but don’t want to buy extra tattoo stickers? BENTSAI B10 Mini is the solution for you! Using a water proof solvent ink, B10 Mini supports printing directly on skin for a short period of time. The ink will not do harm to your skin and if you don’t feel like wearing the tattoo, you can use alcohol to wipe first and then wash it away.



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If you want to learn more about BENTSAI B10 Mini, you can also check it out on Indiegogo where we launched this product in the first place and gained great supports.

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