Case Study: Different Uses of Handheld Inkjet Printer

Handheld inkjet printers are revolutionizing the way businesses handle labeling, branding, and compliance across various industries. Compact yet powerful, these printers are equipped to manage tasks ranging from basic label making to intricate branding and regulatory compliance. In this article, we will take you to know more about the multifunctional capabilities of handheld inkjet printers, focusing on their roles as label printers, QR code printers, date code printers, logo printers, batch number printers, price tag printers, and now, their emerging role as packaging printers.


Introducing Multifaceted Functions of Handheld Printer

1. Label Printer

As a label printer, a handheld inkjet printer provides businesses with the ability to produce custom labels on-demand. This capability is crucial for inventory management, product identification, and organization across various sectors including retail, logistics, and manufacturing. The flexibility to print on different materials such as paper, cardboard, plastics, and metals, makes it an indispensable tool for creating durable and readable labels that adhere to industry standards and consumer expectations.


2. QR Code Printer

The QR code printer functionality of handheld inkjet devices opens up a world of digital interaction. QR codes can store URLs, contact information, or any text-based data, making them perfect for marketing campaigns, product information, and traceability. By printing QR codes or barcodes on products or packaging, companies can engage consumers, provide instant access to digital content, and streamline operations such as inventory tracking and management.


3. Date Code Printer

In industries where product freshness and compliance with expiry dates are critical—such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics— a handheld printer serves as a vital date code printer. They enable the printing of production dates, expiry dates, and best before dates directly on products or packaging. This application is essential for quality control, consumer safety, and regulatory compliance, helping businesses maintain trust and integrity in the market.


4. Logo Printer

Branding is at the heart of business identity, and the ability to print logos directly on products and packaging enhances brand visibility and recognition. As a logo printer, a portable inkjet printer allows companies to apply their brand mark quickly and efficiently, even in small batches or on-the-go, ensuring consistent branding across all products. This capability is particularly beneficial for promotional items, bespoke products, and small-scale productions where traditional branding methods may be impractical.

Logo printer


5. Batch Number Printer

Tracking and recall processes are streamlined with the batch number printer application of handheld orienting machines. Printing batch numbers or lot codes on products enables businesses to monitor production runs, manage inventory more effectively, and respond swiftly in the event of a product recall. This function is crucial for quality control, supply chain management, and consumer protection, providing a clear traceability path from production to purchase.


6. Packaging Printer

The emergence of handheld printers as packaging printers has significantly transformed packaging processes. These printers allow for the direct printing of intricate designs, product information, compliance labels, and branding elements on various packaging materials, including boxes, pouches, and containers. This capability not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the product packaging but also supports customization for limited editions, special promotions, or region-specific information. The ability to print on-demand reduces waste and inventory costs associated with pre-printed packaging, offering a sustainable and efficient solution for businesses looking to adapt quickly to market changes or consumer preferences.

Cardboard printing using Bentsai B80 wide format handheld printer


7. Price Tag Printer

Retail environments greatly benefit from the price tag printer feature of handheld inkjet printers. The ability to print prices, promotional offers, or product information directly on products or shelves enhances retail operations' flexibility and responsiveness. This application supports dynamic pricing strategies, simplifies the labeling process, and improves the shopping experience through clear and accurate pricing.



Handheld inkjet printers are transforming the way businesses approach labeling, branding, product tracking and many other aspects. With their capacity to print labels, QR codes, dates, logos, batch numbers, price tags, and now, directly onto packaging, these devices offer unmatched flexibility and efficiency. Their applications span across industries, catering to the specific needs of retail, logistics, manufacturing, and beyond. By leveraging the multifunctional capabilities of handheld inkjet printers, businesses can enhance operational efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, engage consumers, and bolster their brand identity in a competitive marketplace.

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