How Handheld Inkjet Printers Adapt to Various Remote Work Scenarios

2024 WFH Research Remote Work Report

(Source: WFH Research)

According to the WFH Research, as of early 2024, 13% of full-time employees worked from home, 59% were full-time on site, and 29% combined both working models. The surge in remote work brought about its own set of challenges. While the transition meant flexibility and reduced commute times, it also introduced barriers related to accessibility, productivity, and resource management.


What Are the Challenges of Remote Work?

  1. Lack of Office Equipment: Not everyone has a full-fledged office setup at home. This means limited access to equipment, leading to disruptions.
  2. Space Constraints: Urban living often means limited space. Fitting a conventional printer in a tiny workspace can be challenging.
  3. Immediate Printing Needs: Remote workers often need to print, sign, and scan documents, making quick printing essential.


How Bentsai Handheld Inkjet Printers Tackle the Remote Work Challenges?

The shift to remote work has posed challenges not just for office-based jobs but for various industries that require on-the-spot printing. Bentsai's handheld inkjet printers have emerged as adaptable tools to tackle these unique scenarios. Here's a glimpse into how:

For the Home-Based Entrepreneur:

  1. Packaging: E-commerce entrepreneurs can utilize the handheld inkjet coder to ink expiration dates, barcodes, and QR codes directly onto packaging. This ensures that even from home, product presentation remains top-notch.
  2. Textiles: For those in fashion or crafting, the precision of our handheld inkjet printer transforms fabric into a canvas. Easily print designs, patterns, or clothing labels without the need for bulky machinery.
  3. Promotions: Organizing a promotional campaign or a virtual event? Use the portable inkjet coding machine to create customized promotional materials or merchandise, enhancing brand visibility.


For the Remote Specialist:

  1. Woodworking: Craftspeople can leverage the handheld printer to imprint intricate details, branding, or care instructions onto wooden masterpieces, all from the comfort of their workshop.
  2. Metal and Plastic Crafts: Whether it's jewelry design, sculpting, or model making, the Bentsai inkjet coder ensures every creation is marked with a professional touch – be it serial numbers, artist signatures, or branding.
  3. Documents: Legal advisors, freelancers, or remote sales agents no longer need to wait for office deliveries. With the handheld inkjet printer, essential documents, contracts, or even personalized envelopes can be printed swiftly.


For the Nomadic Worker:

  1. Logistics: Whether at a warehouse or a pop-up shipping center, mark packages with codes, addresses, or logos using the portable inkjet coding machine, ensuring every parcel is ready to go.
  2. Construction Oversight: Those providing consultancy or oversight at construction sites can use the inkjet coder to mark materials with codes, dates, or instructions, ensuring clarity even on the go.
  3. Glass and Decor: From signature imprints to limited edition numbers, artists can use the handheld printer to authenticate their creations, adding an extra layer of value.


Bentsai's handheld inkjet printers are not just tools – they're companions for the diverse needs of the remote worker. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a crafts specialist, or a nomadic worker, these printers adapt to your unique requirements, ensuring you remain efficient and professional, no matter where you work from.


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