Discover the Material Mastery of Bentsai Handheld Inkjet Printers

Various printing materials

The realm of branding and product labeling continues to evolve, demanding solutions that transcend conventional limitations. Unlike the traditional printers that only print on paper and confined to a spot, many kinds of printers have appeared as the new solutions, and the handheld inkjet printer has become one of the type that meets the needs for branding and product labeling.

But what makes a good handheld inkjet printer? The right handheld inkjet printer doesn't just deliver quality—it adapts to a variety of materials with ease. Bentsai handheld printers are built for just that: versatile printing solutions that accommodate an array of surfaces, from the most absorbent to the slick and impermeable, enabling brands to leave an indelible mark across a multitude of substrates.


Porous fabric printing

Print on Porous Surfaces

When your products are made from materials that breathe and absorb, like wood, fabric, or carton, you need a printer that works in harmony with these textures. Bentsai B30 and B80 handheld printer are a good choice because they are specially designed to utilize water-based inks to penetrate and bond with porous surfaces including the following with multiple applications:

  1. Wood: Engrave your brand, signs, serial numbers into your wooden products with lasting, organic appeal.
  2. Fabric: Imprint logos and designs onto textiles, making every piece a walking creativity an d advertisement.
  3. Carton Boxes: Turn ordinary packaging into a canvas that communicates your brand's story, delivers detailed product specifications, and marks important signs.

Each print from the handheld printer gun like the B30 and B80 wide format handheld printer adheres beautifully to these materials, resulting in vivid, long-lasting impressions that capture your brand's essence.


Print on non-porous metal surface

Print on Porous and Non-Porous Materials

When your printing needs extend to a wider range of materials, the Bentsai B10 Mini, BT-HH6105B2 handjet printer gun, the B35 handheld printer, and the B85 wide format handheld printer are your go-to devices. They are engineered to handle both porous and non-porous surfaces with ease at different print size ranging from 12.7mm, 25.4mm and 100mm.

  1. Metal: Apply identification marks or decorative elements to metal surfaces without worry of fading or abrasion.
  2. Plastic: Label plastic products with precision, whether for informative purposes or brand enhancement.
  3. Glass: Offer a smudge-proof message on glass items, making a clear statement of quality.
  4. Ceramic, PVC, PE, aluminum foil, and many more

The list still goes on. Whether it's retail goods or industrial components, these printers ensure your message sticks with their water proof and smudge free ink.


Beyond Printing: Wide Applications Across Industries

With the ability to print on any porous and non-porous substrates, Bentsai handheld inkjet printers can be applied to various industries, each with unique needs and challenges:

  1. Retail: Create custom labels and packaging that resonate with shoppers, enhancing the in-store and unboxing experience.
  2. Logistics: Improve package tracking and inventory management with clear, durable labeling.
  3. Packaging: Quickly print badges, tickets, or promotional materials on-demand, directly at event sites.



Embracing a wide spectrum of materials is essential for dynamic product branding and labeling. Bentsai handheld inkjet printers, with models like the B30, B80, B35, B85, and B10 mini, ensure you have the right tool for any job. Whatever the surface, a Bentsai printer can make your brand's presence felt with clarity and longevity.


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