BENTSAI EB21Y Yellow Original Water-Based Ink Cartridge Replacement for B30 B35 B80 B85 Handheld Printer, 4 Packs
BENTSAI EB21Y Yellow Original Water-Based Ink Cartridge Replacement for B30 B35 B80 B85 Handheld Printer, 4 Packs

BENTSAI EB21Y Yellow Original Water-Based Ink Cartridge Replacement for B30 B35 B80 B85 Handheld Printer, 4 Packs

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1 Inch BENTSAI EB21Y Original Water-Based Yellow Ink Cartridge Replacement for B30 B80 Handheld Printer, 4 Packs



Product Features:

  • Condition: New, Water-based/Water-soluble Ink Cartridge

  • Package Includes: 4 Packs of BENTSAI Original Water-based Ink Cartridge EB21Y (Yellow)

  • Convenient & environmental: When the machine prompts the ink is low and ask to add ink,you could add 25g ink into the cartridge by uses the refill bottle ink. 

  • For use with: BENTSAI B30 B35 Portable Handheld Printer and BENTSAI B80 B85 Wide Format Handheld Printer

  • Not applicable to the following printer models: B31 B32 B33 B36 B37 B38 B81 B82 B83 B86 B87 B88.

  • Warm Reminder: For best print performance, please always take the cartridge out of the printer and then cover the cartridge with its plastic cap when the printer is not in use for more than 10 minutes. This is to prevent the ink from being try and block the ink nozzle.

  • Notes: Due to transportation, our products cannot be delivered to the United Arab Emirates and Korea.


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Model Number BENTSAI EB21Y
Ink Type Water-Based / Aqueous ink
Ink Cartridge Color Yellow
Ink Cartridge Capacity 42ml per ink
Ink Weight 5.5 ounces
Package Dimensions 5.08 x 3.7 x 0.87 inches
Compatible with Printer Model B30B35 / B80B85
Working Environment Temperature 0-45℃(20-30℃ best), Humidity 10%-80%



Frequently Asked Questions


     1. What is the difference between EB21Y and EB22Y ink cartridges?

     EB21Y is aqueous ink and it can only print on water absorbent surfaces such as cardboard, wood, fabric and others. EB22Y is solvent based ink, it could print on both porous and non-porous substrates.

     2. Can I use other brand's ink cartridge instead of Bentsai?

      Sorry, you cannot use other brand's cartridges for Bentsai's printer. Printers from BENTSAI can only work with original cartridges from our company, any force to use an aftermarket cartridge could burn the machine or the encryption chip.

     3. How long can the ink cartridge last? 

     Each ink contains 42ml capacity. How long the ink will last depend on your print frequency and image density. Based on our test, one ink box can print 2,000,000 characters when printing in the smallest font at 2.5mm. 

     4. Can the EB21C ink be refilled?

      Yes. Once the EB21Y water based ink cartridge is empty, it can be refilled with the HFE-2003 yellow refill ink bottle for economical use. Just make sure the original ink box is intact for refill. However, please note that the EB22Y solvent based ink cannot be refilled. Customers will need to buy new ink once the EB22Y ink cartridge runs out.

     5. If printing on fabric, will it be washed out?

     When printing on fabric, the ink will become faded after being washed for several times.

     6. What to do if the prints become unacceptable?

     When the ink cartridge becomes empty, print quality will deteriorate and you will need to replace a new cartridge. But if the printg quality is caused by nozzle blockage, you can refer to the video below for troubeshooting and a quick fix.



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